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January 2017
Fangjian is awarded the Salk Pioneer Fund Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Jovylyn Gatchalian starts her postdoctoral work in the lab!

February 2017
Diana has a baby boy—welcome to the world, Gabriel!

March 2017
The San Diego Chromatin Club organized by Bing Ren (UCSD), Ani Deshpande (Sanford-Burnham), Diana Hargreaves (Salk), and Chris Benner (UCSD) kicks off its inaugural meeting!

April 2017
NSMB paper is out! Diana enjoyed working with colleagues from the Crabtree Lab to elucidate the role of TOP2 in BAF-dependent chromatin remodeling. Check it out!

Fangjian has a baby boy—welcome to the world, Dylan!

June 2017
Welcome Shivani Malik, a visiting collaborator from University of California, San Francisco!

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